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Digital Dust | A Subscription for Creating Your Own Hand-Lettered Designs

Posted by Danielle Stringer on

“Life is hard, but God is good”

During my Facebook Live a few weeks ago, one of my subscribers said she was wearing a shirt that said, “Life is hard, but God is good” while she was following along with my lettering, and I just loved that! God knows the year 2020 will be one we all remember. Over the past few months there has been more interest in lettering on my Facebook lives. The involvement surrounding these live videos is what led to the creation of my new project, Digital Dust! It’s a subscription service of hand lettered designs. I created it so I could spend more time connecting with y'all and sharing some of the messages God has been laying on my heart. 

Why a Lettering Subscription Might Be Your New Favorite Hobby

Digital Dust is a lettering file subscription that gives you access to 10 new, original files every month.

The best part of this subscription is its versatility! It is truly a catch all for lettering beginners and pros alike! Want to practice your muscle memory through traceable designs? Want to become more proficient in the Procreate app? Interested in creating custom merchandise, like t-shirts and totes, with Imperfect Dust quotes? Digital Dust will help you make all the things happen. Think of it as the short-cut, the template, the perfect jumping off point to finally begin creating your own calligraphy content.

Most importantly, it will give you the tools to practice and master something that brings you joy, create beauty in your life, and reflect on God’s word. 

So, How Does It Work?

Each month, you’ll be able to log into your subscriber account and download 10 unique files. Make sure you download them before the end of the month, or they will disappear! Once you download them, you will have them forever. 

If you’re already running out of room practicing in your “Lettering for Absolute Beginners” Workbook, these traceable designs are a great addition to your lettering practice.

As a subscriber, I also let you in on a special deal. If you are a small business, you are welcome to use my designs to create products, free of charge. All I ask is that you don’t mass produce or sell on something like Amazon. There are no extra fees required for this commercial option. I’m just excited to extend it to my subscribers to help share the Good News. 

For each of the 10 files you receive each month, you’ll be able to download four versions to meet your various needs. 

  • PDF: This is great for printing out on paper for practice hand-lettering, or onto canvas to create your own art.
  • JPEG: This is perfect for working on your lettering with your iPad. Simply save the JPEG file to your camera roll and then upload to the Procreate app to trace, improve your writing muscle memory, and create your own designs! 
  • SVG and DXF: These files are compatible with silhouette or embroidery machines, or if you want to print and cut vinyl copies.  

I’m In! How Do I Get Started?

You can choose the monthly subscription option for $15 per month if you just want to dip your toes in and see what this lettering life is all about. Or, you can go all in and get the yearly subscription for $150, and save $30. When you become a subscriber, you receive my files for $1.50 instead of the $3.00-$5.00 they usually sell for on my website. It’s a steal!

If you want to get a sneak peek at Digital Dust, what you’ll be receiving as a subscriber, and how to use the files, check out my live on Facebook. I also have an FAQ section on the sign up page where I go over more details. 

Hop on over to Digital Dust to begin your subscription!

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