Enough With ‘Cutesy Christianity.’ How Understanding Your Sinful Nature Is Actually a Launching Pad for Growth in 2020

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Whew! What a year. I can barely believe that 2019 is on its way out the door. Some of the thoughts that keep popping into my mind here lately are on some topics that aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy. But, I think they’re important to talk about!

So, I’m going against culture and talking about these 3 things.

  1. How dirty and rotten I am.
  2. How I can never be enough.
  3. How Christ came to pay my SIN debt.

Listen, y’all… this is the number one way I am able to check myself and stay in constant awe of my Savior. Knowing my DEPRAVITY... it’s not super fun. But, it’s humbling, it helps me keep my perspective, and it’s biblical. 

For ONE, the Bible tells us there is no one righteous. No, not one. I’m not only a sinner, my entire being is SIN. I came into this world with an impure heart seeking only self-fulfilling things.

For TWO, even when we try, our good deeds are NOTHING in comparison to a Holy God. The Bible says they are like filthy rags. We are NOT enough.

And THREE, having this correct view of myself, MAGNIFIES the amazing grace I’ve been extended. Christ came to take my place and pay my sin debt. Not because of my greatness, but because of my absolute weakness. I needed a Savior and He SAVED!

Where did He pay it? AT THE CROSS! I no longer have the guilt or weight of my sin, but to never forget how lost I was without His grace is the key to loving Jesus with everything you have. He gets all the glory.

So, enough with the “feel good” Christianity language we are constantly seeing. Understanding our sinful nature is actually a launching pad for growth. It reminds us of the great merciful God we serve. 

It may seem counterintuitive to touch on the darkness of sin during a season that is mostly focused on the warm and fuzzy feelings and new beginnings. But actually, this is a message of peace and freedom. 

My hope is that this little reflection gives you peace knowing that His love overcomes everything and He will be with you as you take on the new year. 

If you ever want to talk about how to know Him as YOUR Savior, don’t be afraid to drop me a DM on my Instagram or comment on the blog. This is my jam!

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